About Hope Stone

We hope you will say, Yes I want to give hope to children this holiday season by donating to Redemption Song Foundation's brand new Hope Stone Academy for Batwa in Uganda. Just 130 people giving $100 and we will have the $13,000 we need to run basic operations but with $50,000 we can buy land, build and operate a new primary school serving more Batwa in the region! 

RSF previously had the indigenous Batwa kids from Kalehe village attending a local school, yet the young'uns grades were baseboard low, e.g. 4 or 11 (of 100).  Now we are raising the bar on these kids' future. We have been so blessed, even with our struggles; Let's help their future be bright and full of hope and opportunities. Our vision is to see all Bwindi Batwa thriving academically, socially and nutritionally.  

At Hope Stone, we do school differently:
  • We provide nutritious hot meals, including meat, vegetables, and groundnuts, as well as the traditional staples like beans and posho (a corn based substance similar to "grits").
  • We teach hygiene and apply it at school. Kids brush their teeth at school. Staff remove parasitic jiggers from their feet. Kids leave their uniforms at the school so that they stay clean, and they learn how to wash them.
  • We do not use corporal punishment.
  • We give kids multivitamins to prevent vitamin deficiencies.
  • We have a small classroom so kids get the individualized attention they need. 
  • We weave in Batwa cultural education into our curriculum.
  • Last but not least, we pray with them and teach Christian values and lessons from the Bible. We love teaching kids about caring for others, forgiving, and treating others as they want to be treated. In this area, most Batwa parents are Christians. 
About the Batwa: 
The Batwa "pygmies" are an indigenous population of hunter-gatherer people, and one of the most discriminated against, most marginalized tribes in the world. Batwa were displaced to create Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for endangered mountain gorillas.  The tribe only fully left the forest in 1991 when the last of them were removed at gunpoint for the creation of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where half the world’s endangered mountain gorillas live. The Batwa people also lost rights to enter the forest to hunt, gather food such as wild yams and honey, or to get medicinal herbs. A medical survey in 2000 found Batwa lived, on average, only 28 years (compared to 46 for Uganda’s population), and 40% of kids under 5 died - often of preventable diseases. Though their plight around Buhoma village - where RSF operates - has improved with Bwindi Community Hospital, they are still suffering against forces outside of themselves that oppress and challenge their daily lives. 

Redemption Song Foundation has worked with the Batwa of Kalehe village to help them gain power in the community through improved livelihoods, income and education. You can read more about our projects at our website; last year's annual campaign brought them "Clean Water for Christmas." We have a close relationship with the parents and children alike. 

We need your help to improve these children's academic knowledge, love of learning and nutrition - truly improving their lives! You can sponsor a child by signing up for a recurring payment at our website, or make a one-time donate to the school or our general funds.  We love the Batwa of Kalehe - they are truly awesome and will always be my family. 

Thank you for your support and generous hearts!
- Wendee Nicole, Founder & Director




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